Bandwidth Overkill Podcast, Episode 7: Sesame Street Ain’t Got No Soul

This week we’re talking how Netflix gets mo money but then loses it, BitTorrent launches a TV Network and PBS Anywhere gets no love. Plus Marcus Shockley breaks into a dissection of how Sesame Street lost its soul.

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Community Network Map: Find Out if You Have A Local Government Owned Fiber Net:
Netflix could make an extra $520 million per year because of its price hike

Netflix stands to lose half-million subs from price hike

Sling TV, PBS Anywhere, TV4 and other smaller, niche OTT services struggle for viewers’ attention

BitTorrent Is Looking to Launch a TV News Network

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Bandwidth Overkill, Episode 6: Yahoo Wins The NBA Draft

This week we’re talking about the winner of NBA draft broadcast ratings, Comcast unleashes what they call the ‘Netflix Killer’ and Idaho becomes the center of the cord-cutting universe.

Links from the show:

FlyPack-Audio Startup Looks To Expand Into Sports

Municipal fiber network will let customers switch ISPs in seconds

Comcast CEO Prepares His Netflix Killer for an Olympics Showcase

NBC’s Olympics app includes scores, schedules, news, and video of everything except the actual events

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