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I’m excited to announce a couple of things today, the first of which being that NetCast Sports has added Gaelic Football live streaming as we’ve partnered with the USGAA Southeast Division to broadcast their divisional championships on July 14. As I’m writing this I’m watching the 2018 World Cup, an event I’m a huge fan of, and it’s a reminder how strong certain sports are outside the United States (like, of course, soccer), and Gaelic football has that appeal in Ireland.

It’s a great sport – elements of soccer, elements of rugby, elements of American football. For US fans, it’s probably not like anything you are used to but it’s definitely something worth checking out.

The second announcement of the day is that we’re modifying how we post content, both here on the blog as well as our news section. Originally, we started posting to the blog because some people who didn’t catch our bigger announcements via Twitter, but now we’re going to be posting a lot of that content to the News page, as well as more general articles about upcoming games or reports on specific players. For the blog, we’re going to keep posting some announcements here, but we’re going to start also posting more insight into what we’re doing at NCSN, and some of the behind the scenes as to what drives us, what we’re trying to accomplish, and how we’re trying to change the landscape of sports broadcasting.

NetCast Sports started with the concept that sports programming, as it exists today, is unsustainable. Because of bundling with cable packages, millions of non-sports fans subsidize the major cable sports networks, and that is one of the significant driving forces behind cord cutting. When we started live streaming, there weren’t many options for even major sports, but that has changed. However, as new streaming networks keep cropping up, they keep following the same model – trying to charge $20 to $50 per month for a sports channel is not sustainable.

I’ll talk about this more in future posts, but there are two things we strive to offer: reasonable, high quality a la cart sports programming – meaning, you can either pay to watch a single event or pay a monthly unlimited fee that you can cancel at any time – and secondly, the ability to truly choose your options without obstacles and with better customer service. Like you, I can’t stand how companies will try and lock you in to monthly plans that are actually ‘annual’ plans, or how they’ll make it easy to sign up for a subscription but oh-so-difficult to unsubscribe. We don’t play that game.

As I said, that’s a subject I’m heavily invested in – better options for us as consumers, and better treatment – but it’s a longer diatribe that’s definitely coming. In the meantime, check out the USGAA live streams coming up and be sure to keep up to date with our upcoming broadcast schedule.

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