NetCast Sports Incorporates NBL Canada Games into Schedule


NBL Canada

Select games to be listed in NCSN schedule

Winston-Salem, NC – NetCast Sports Network, a live streaming sports broadcaster that covers much of the Southeast U.S., announced that select broadcasts from the National Basketball League Canada have been incorporated into their online broadcast listings.

“We’ve been fans of the NBLC for quite some time,” said Marcus Shockley, Executive Director for NetCast Sports Network, “and with our focus this year on expanding our broadcasts into more global audiences, we felt U.S. basketball fans would definitely enjoy the high level of play in Canada. Several top NBA players have come from the growing basketball landscape there as well. ”

The NBL Canada is a professional league currently in the midst of their seventh season and plays the regular season into April, with ten franchises participating this season. The league has a solid fan base and rosters have a mix of Canadian players along with many U.S. players. A majority of the players in the NBLC have collegiate or pro experience in the United States.

“We’re excited as a league to have the opportunity to work alongside an organization like NCSN who posses similar interests and dedication to delivering quality content to viewers”, said deputy commissioner Audley Stephenson. He also added, “This partnership works because both sides can benefit and help one another. It’s for this reason, NBL Canada is proud to be a member of the NCSN family.”

While the NBL Canada continues to live stream their own games, with individual teams managing the broadcasts from home arenas, NetCast Sports will list many of the games and broadcast times to their own dynamic schedule, allowing NCSN fans to see upcoming games they may not previously have been aware of.

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