Bandwidth Overkill Podcast, Episode 7: Sesame Street Ain’t Got No Soul

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This week we’re talking how Netflix gets mo money but then loses it, BitTorrent launches a TV Network and PBS Anywhere gets no love. Plus Marcus Shockley breaks into a dissection of how Sesame Street lost its soul.

Links from the show:

Community Network Map: Find Out if You Have A Local Government Owned Fiber Net:
Netflix could make an extra $520 million per year because of its price hike

Netflix stands to lose half-million subs from price hike

Sling TV, PBS Anywhere, TV4 and other smaller, niche OTT services struggle for viewers’ attention

BitTorrent Is Looking to Launch a TV News Network

You can check out Episode 6 of Bandwidth Overkill, where we talk about how Yahoo’s streaming sports efforts beat ESPN at their own game.

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