Fab 40 Video Update


Hello everyone, wanted to give a quick update on the video from last weekend’s Fab 40 Eastern NC Regional, which was held in Fayetteville, NC.

The intended broadcast time was Sunday, April 27, 2016 – however during the broadcast setup, as we were migrating video files to our remote servers, we experienced a significant connection outage -which was made worse by an equipment power surge. Unfortunately, while we do have the video, it was damaged and we’ve had to work to repair it.

The results are not perfect. Some of the video has been spliced and blended as best as possible in order to be watchable, but it will appear a bit faster than live game speed. Our apologies for this occurrence, but we will be working to post the video, although it’s not the quality we had hoped, this week.

Thanks for your patience and please follow us on Twitter @NetCastSports for additional updates/announcements.

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